Instagram Roundup

| Top | Jeans |

| Shirt is from Express | Pants are Old Navy | Earrings are Target |

Maggie’s | Shirt is from TinyStyleCo | Jeans are Old Navy | Shoes are Gap |

| Hat is Gap | Jacket is Old Navy | Shoes are Sweet N Swag |

| Jacket they no longer have the red one but this one is similar. She also has these pjs | Leggings |

| Shirt is Old Navy | Jeans are Old Navy | Shoes are Old Navy they don’t have that exact color anymore but they do have some red ones!|

| Outfit from Arrows and Lace Boutique | They no longer have these at Old Navy |

| Top is old but here is a similar one and here as well | Shoes are Converse |

| Jumpsuit is from Nordstrom | Shoes are old but here are some similar ones, and here , and here | Earrings are from Target |

| Hat | Vest not exact color since ours is from about a year ago | Jeans | Shoes |

| Jacket | Dress not exact but same style in a very pretty flower print |

| Top is Gap | High rise bloomers are TinyStyleCo | Shoes |

| Dress | Shoes |

| Her Top, Bloomers, and belt come as a set at TinyStyleCo |

| Top |

| Watch | If you are looking for a great gift this watch is beautiful and a great gift idea. Here is the link to an instant coupon code!


Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to do something a little bit different. I had a few of you request to have a spot the blog where you can easily shop outfits and I will get right to it, but in the mean time I thought it would be fun to do an Instagram roundup of some recent photos and outfit details.

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