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With all of the Holidays coming up I thought I would share with you all one item that I think is a great gift idea. I am a person who struggles a lot with gift ideas. My fiancé is someone who gets himself whatever he needs and wants when he wants it, which makes gifting him anything very tough. I usually try to go for homemade gifts, or personalized gifts with meaning to them. I also love unique items that he would never think about.

For example, he is not much of a watch person but throughout the years I have gifted him a few. They are all pretty simple and ones that you can find nearly at any store. One day this company called Jord Watch contacted me asking if I wanted to try out one of their watches. I of course went on their website to see what sort of watches they had. Once I had viewed their watches I decided that yes I wanted to try their watches! Their watches are made from wood! How cool is that?! I had not seen any other watches like them. They were wooden yet very stylish and came in so many different colors and designs. I am now in love with this brand and want all of their watches! They are also very affordable!

The box your watch comes in is beautiful and amazing. How many watches come with their own box? And/or how many of those boxes(if any) are magnetic? Seriously everybody needs at least one of these watches!

To get your instant code click here!

Here is the link to their site

Click here to view the Women’s Watches

Click here for the Men’s Watches

Here is the link to the exact watch I gifted my fiancé.

You should definitely check them out! Also, since the Holidays are nearing they have offered everybody an instant 25% OFF coupon code to use. All you have to do is click here and fill out the form and the code will be emailed to you instantly! The code will be valid until Dec.19 and that will be the last day you will be able to use the code and also the last day to order your watch in order for it to arrive for the Holidays. Trust me whoever you decide to gift this to will absolutely love it! Did I also mention that you can personalize it? You can engrave the box(like I did) or engrave the back of the actual watch! Perfect for giving a beautiful yet meaningful gift!

Wooden Wrist Watch

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