Ryla Pack


We as mothers or as potential mothers know that a diaper bag is a mother’s greatest accessory. That bag that is filled with diapers, bottles, clothes, pacifiers, shoes, etc. is literally our life for at least the first 2 years or more of our kids’ lives. One thing I have learned throughout my motherhood journey this far is that a good diaper bag really does make a difference. I have had about 3 diaper bags, and I have also tried using a normal purse as a diaper bag which just wasn’t for me. My first bag was good, it was roomy and you were able to turn it into a backpack and/or use it on your shoulder but it was just too big and bulky. My second bag was good as well and basically used this entire time, which just had a shoulder strap but what I learned was that those sort of bags are just not meant for mothers. They are not comfortable, especially when you have to carry basically a child’s whole room in it and it is not toddler proof, in the sense that bending down or picking up your child is just difficult. I recently found the diaper backpack from Ryla and seriously can not say enough good things about it. It is a backpack which makes life so much easier with my little runner. It is just the right size, and has just the right amount of pockets. They have 3 color options, grey, black, and beige and they all have a gold zipper! How cute?!! Honestly if anyone were to ask me what diaper bag I use and love I would always tell them Ryla. Although it is a little bit on the pricier side, it is totally worth it, and what I have learned is that most of the nicer looking bags are pricey. But, I have good news! I have a 20% off code just for you!

If you click here it will take you straight to their website where you can use code SIMPLYMAMA for your 20% off!

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